Former Interior official buys lobbying firm

By Timothy Cama | 03/14/2024 01:39 PM EDT

Blake Androff also held senior roles on Capitol Hill.

Blake Androff.

Blake Androff. Signal Group

Former Interior Department official Blake Androff has bought out a lobbying and communications company from the law firm that owned it.

Androff, who was Interior’s director of communications during President Barack Obama’s administration, is now CEO and sole owner of the newly independent Signal Group, which was formerly part of Wiley, Signal announced Thursday.

“We realized — when we were looking at our business growth, we were looking at all of our opportunities — that we had grown a ton,” Androff told E&E News.


“We had brought on a really strong team. We had amazing clients. And we looked at it and thought, ‘We can do this on our own,’” he said, adding that Wiley was “very enthusiastic” about Signal’s idea to separate.