France wants EU to hit Chinese wind, solar industry after EVs

By Giorgio Leali | 06/13/2024 11:50 AM EDT

“The fight is going to be difficult, we don’t hide it, but I want each member country to understand that we must reestablish this power balance with China,” the French economy minister said.

PARIS — French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire on Thursday welcomed the European Commission’s decision to impose duties of up to 38.1 percent on electric vehicle imports from China and urged Brussels to do the same in other sectors.

“It’s a good decision, it’s a brave decision, which shows that we can reestablish a power balance between Europe and China. Now we have to support it,” Le Maire said in an interview with Sud Radio.

“We have been waiting for this for years. … It is a first decision, I hope that it will be followed by other decisions on Chinese overcapacities that threaten European industry,” he said, mentioning the Chinese wind and solar power industries.


The provisional duties are due to be confirmed in a vote by EU member states in a few months and could be blocked if a qualified majority of countries votes against them.