Gap widens between Dems, GOP in new green scorecard

By Timothy Cama | 02/28/2024 04:27 PM EST

The League of Conservation Voters blamed the new House Republican majority.

Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-Va.).

Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-Va.) got a perfect 100 on the League of Conservation Voters' latest scorecard released Wednesday. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The divide between the environmental voting records of Democrats and Republicans widened last year, the League of Conservation Voters said.

The major environmental group, which almost overwhelmingly supports Democratic lawmakers and legislation, released its annual National Environmental Scorecard on Wednesday.
National Environmental Scorecard

It gave 129 House Republicans and 11 Senate Republicans scores of zero, while 140 House Democrats and 26 Senate Democrats got 100.


Compared with 2022, that’s about 30 more zeros for House Republicans and seven more for Senate Republicans. On the Democratic side, 40 more House Democrats scored a 100, as did 17 more Senate Democrats. That year featured Democratic majorities in both chambers in addition to Joe Biden’s presidency.