Ghosts of EU’s rightward future haunt nature law fight

By Zia Weise, Louise Guillot | 02/28/2024 12:57 PM EST

Europe’s conservatives lost their battle against an environmental bill. But after the EU elections, they may win the war.

Right-wing alliances, last-minute vetoes and anti-green populism: The European Union just got a glimpse of its future.

On paper, Tuesday was a good day for liberal and left-wing European Parliament members, who managed to pass a landmark nature preservation bill despite multiple attempts to shoot it down.

But the law’s narrow survival underscored broader trends likely to hamper green lawmaking following this summer’s blocwide election.


After Europe’s conservatives last year succeeded in watering down the legislation, known as the Nature Restoration Law, Tuesday’s vote became a low-risk testing ground for new alliances and tactics.