Granholm fleshes out views of LNG pause

By Brian Dabbs | 02/22/2024 06:17 AM EST

The Energy secretary said the freeze will be “monthslong” and is not a ban.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm speaks Wednesday at the National Press Club about the Biden administration's industrial strategy for clean energy. Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm promised global allies Wednesday that the U.S. will continue to ship liquefied natural gas for years to come, rejecting accusations that the Biden administration is aiming to “ban” LNG exports.

“The bottom line is: This is not going to impact any relationship that we our allies or their ability to access energy. We would not be doing it if it did,” Granholm said during an event at the National Press Club in Washington. “It’s only a monthslong pause. It’s not a ban.

“We will continue to be the largest exporter in the world,” she said, referring to LNG.


The Department of Energy announced a pause in January on new authorizations for LNG exports to nonfree-trade-agreement countries. Since then, critics have blasted the administration, arguing that U.S. LNG produces domestic jobs and reduces global greenhouse gas emissions. Republican attorneys general are threatening legal action, and some Democratic party loyalists are bucking the administration.
threatening legal action
Democratic party loyalists are bucking the administration