Group sues California county over hydrogen project

By Blanca Begert | 03/06/2024 06:42 AM EST

The county granted the project exemption from California Environmental Quality Act review.

SACRAMENTO, California — As renewable hydrogen production comes to the Central Valley, residents are putting up a fight.

A group of Pixley residents Monday filed a lawsuit in Tulare County Superior Court challenging the county’s approval of an industrial hydrogen plant to be built next to an ethanol refinery.

Tulare County granted the 28-acre Golden State Hydrogen Plant proposed by Proteum Energy an exemption from California Environmental Quality Act review in January on the grounds that the property was zoned for light manufacturing.


Pixley Residents for Environmental Justice, represented by Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability and Chatten-Brown Law Group, argued that the project shouldn’t have been classed as light manufacturing and should be reviewed for its impacts, including its potential to increase conventional pollution as well as greenhouse gases.