Heavy-duty hydrogen trucks win out in California’s $1.9B EV plan

By Wes Venteicher | 02/16/2024 06:59 AM EST

The California Energy Commission’s spending plan favors medium- and heavy-duty trucks over light-duty hydrogen cars.

SACRAMENTO, California — California’s nascent market for medium- and heavy-duty hydrogen trucks is getting a boost from the state Energy Commission’s new spending package for zero-emission vehicles.

The Energy Commission plans to spend at least $15 million from its Clean Transportation Fund on medium- and heavy-duty hydrogen refueling infrastructure this year, while allocating no new money for passenger hydrogen infrastructure. The allocation was included in a four-year, $1.9 billion plan for electric vehicles the CEC approved Wednesday that still generally devotes the vast majority of its funding to infrastructure for plug-in electric vehicles.
$1.9 billion plan

The spending plan underscores the continuing struggles of the state’s passenger hydrogen network, which has been plagued by equipment failures, a lack of hydrogen and supply chain issues, and the continued popularity of plug-in electric vehicles.


The 15-year-old Clean Transportation Program was up for reauthorization last year, and when lawmakers approved it, they required that 15 percent of the $95 million fund go toward hydrogen refueling infrastructure.
up for reauthorization