His company just broke into pieces. He’s thrilled. 

By Robin Bravender | 04/11/2024 01:07 PM EDT

Roger Martella, an institution in energy policy circles, is leading government affairs for the newly independent firm GE Vernova. 

Roger Martella

Roger Martella outside of GE Vernova’s future office space on April 4 in Washington. Robin Bravender/POLITICO's E&E News

Days after a big breakup, Roger Martella was all smiles.

His company, GE Vernova, officially spun off last week, finalizing a split of the behemoth do-it-all company General Electric into three separate entities focused on energy, health care and aerospace. Martella is chief sustainability officer for GE Vernova, the energy company. He’s also the head of global government relations and policy.

The breakup was amicable, but it sent Martella and his team packing. They moved out of the Washington office space they used to share with those who are now part of GE Aerospace and into new temporary digs.


“We love our colleagues — we’re only two blocks away, and we’ll see them all the time,” Martella said in an interview last week. “But we’re both very interested in moving forward … and showing what we can do as independent companies.”