House Republicans target climate law in new budget plan

By Timothy Cama | 03/08/2024 06:28 AM EST

The new Republican budget blueprint calls for the repeal of clean energy and climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas).

House Budget Chair Jodey Arrington (R-Texas) called the current fiscal trajectory of the U.S. "unsustainable" while seeking deep cuts to federal spending. Yuri Gripas/AP

House Republicans took another shot at President Joe Biden’s signature climate change law Thursday as they kicked off the federal budget process for fiscal 2025.

The House Budget Committee voted along party lines to pass its budget blueprint for the year that starts Oct. 1. It includes a recommendation to repeal the clean energy and climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, saving what the GOP estimates to be about $250 billion.

The budget blueprint could go to the full House for a vote, but it would not become binding law. Instead, it is meant to guide the House’s spending process and appropriations bills.


The White House is expected to release its fiscal 2025 budget proposal next Monday, the typical kickoff to the new fiscal year’s appropriations process.