Trump who? California Republicans love electric vehicles

By Alex Nieves | 05/15/2024 06:43 AM EDT

Conservative lawmakers say they want the state’s EV market to succeed and aren’t paying attention to former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

In an aerial view, brand new Tesla cars sit parked in a lot at the Tesla Fremont Factory.

New Tesla cars sit parked in a lot at the Tesla Fremont Factory on April 24 in Fremont, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES — Donald Trump thinks electric vehicles are anathema to the American Dream — he calls them union-busting job-killers that are “all made in China.”

Someone forgot to tell California Republicans.

California Republicans are living in a different reality from the majority of conservatives across the country, who have heeded Trump’s message that President Joe Biden’s embrace of electric vehicles will bring a “bloodbath” by allowing Chinese automakers to dominate the market and eliminate American jobs. Over 70 percent of conservative voters surveyed by Gallup last year said they won’t even consider buying an EV. 


Republicans in Sacramento are supporting legislation aimed at improving California’s charging network and expanding state incentives for low-income car buyers. The reason is relatively straightforward: Their constituents like Teslas and other EV brands and want the state to invest in charging stations.