How EPA could change the power plant rule’s ‘finer details’

By Jean Chemnick | 03/18/2024 06:58 AM EDT

The Biden administration might adjust timelines and criteria as it finalizes pollution standards for new gas and existing coal plants.

The Marshall Steam Station coal power plant.

The Marshall Steam Station coal power plant operates March 3 near Mooresville, North Carolina. Chris Carlson/AP

EPA may change more in its upcoming power plant rule than last month’s headline-grabbing decision to exclude natural gas plants.

The rule, which will set pollution limits for new gas facilities and existing coal plants, is expected to be finalized in April. EPA removed existing gas facilities from the regulation last month before sending it to the White House for review.

When finalized, the rule must be a “logical outgrowth” of the draft version, per the Administrative Procedure Act. But experts say that doesn’t preclude EPA from rethinking timelines, criteria and other details as long as it has the analysis and public comments to back up such changes.


And with a final rule still weeks away, they say EPA and White House officials may still be settling some of those issues.