‘I know nothing about Project 2025’: Trump scorns conservative effort

By Timothy Cama | 07/08/2024 07:09 AM EDT

The playbook for a new Republican administration is staffed by numerous former Trump officials.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump at a June debate with President Joe Biden. Trump disavowed a conservative blueprint for a 2025 GOP administration. Justin Sullivan/Getty

Former President Donald Trump is trying to distance himself from the increasingly controversial policy playbook assembled for him by conservatives.

Trump said in a social media post Friday that he knows nothing about Project 2025 but also that some of its parts are “absolutely ridiculous and abysmal.”

The post came as Democrats and President Joe Biden’s campaign ramp up efforts to highlight and denounce the ideas in Project 2025 and make it a vulnerability for the former president as he campaigns to take back the White House.


Asked about the issue Sunday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), said to be on Trump’s short list for vice president, told CNN: “Think tanks do think tank stuff. They come up with ideas. They say things.”