Morale climbs at EPA, DOE and Interior

By Kevin Bogardus | 05/16/2024 01:37 PM EDT

The Partnership for Public Service found staff at prominent energy and environmental policy agencies have high job satisfaction.

Energy Department, Interior Department, EPA headquarters.

The Energy Department, Interior Department and EPA headquarters. Claudine Hellmuth/E&E News (DOE and EPA); Pamela King/E&E News (Interior)

Morale for civil servants at energy and environmental agencies has been on the rise as they grind away at the Biden administration’s green agenda.

The Partnership for Public Service on Thursday unveiled its top 10 rankings for agencies of all sizes, previewing its much-anticipated “Best Places to Work” study. Scores assigned to agencies reflect whether their employees recommend them as a good place to work and whether they are satisfied with their job and organization.

EPA as well as the departments of Energy and the Interior all ranked among the top 10 agencies in their respective categories. All three also improved on their scores from the prior year.


EPA was fifth for midsize agencies, earning a 77.9 score in 2023, which is higher than the 75.6 from the previous year.