Most Republicans support expanding clean energy — survey

By Christian Robles | 03/05/2024 06:45 AM EST

The Pew Research Center finds that Republicans aged 18 to 29 are also far less supportive of increasing fossil fuel production than older GOP voters.

 Solar panels operating in Detroit.

Solar panels operating in Detroit. Paul Sancya/AP

Most young Republican voters think the U.S. should prioritize developing renewable energy over expanding fossil fuels, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

An analysis of recent polls — posted by the center last week — finds that most Republicans want the U.S. to boost offshore oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing. But the views of GOP voters aged 18 to 29 stand out in the results, with 79 percent acknowledging that human activity contributes to climate change and two-thirds favoring solar and wind development over increasing fossil fuel production.

Drew Eyerly, conservative outreach director at the nonprofit Citizens’ Climate Lobby, said he has seen young Republicans clearly endorse low-carbon energy.


“As the climate conversation advances on the political right, we see more and more support for energy options that don’t create carbon pollution,” he wrote in an email.