Norfolk Southern trains derail in Pa. amid safety dispute

By Mike Lee | 03/04/2024 01:39 PM EST

Some diesel fuel spilled into the Lehigh River.

A train derailment along a riverbank

A train derailment is shown along a riverbank in Saucon Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. Authorities said it was unclear how many cars were involved, but no injuries or hazardous materials were reported. Nancy Run Fire Company via AP

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a Norfolk Southern wreck that involved three trains over the weekend, adding pressure to the company that’s been at the center of the debate over railroad safety.

An eastbound train struck a train that was parked on the same track early Saturday morning, the NTSB said. Wreckage from the initial collision wound up on another set of tracks, where it was struck by a westbound train.

Two of the trains derailed, leaving freight cars and and two engines on the banks of the Lehigh River. One engine’s front end was partially submerged, according to photos from the Associated Press. No injuries were reported, and no hazardous materials were released, but some diesel fuel spilled into the river.


NTSB investigators recovered data recorders and were reviewing information from cameras mounted in the engines and from wayside recorders. Norfolk Southern continued cleaning up the site Sunday, including removing the spilled fuel with vacuum equipment, the company said in an email.