Podesta on Trump undoing IRA: ‘Very, very difficult’

By Benjamin Storrow | 04/17/2024 06:38 AM EDT

The president’s global climate adviser wasn’t as optimistic about EPA climate regulations surviving a Trump victory.

John Podesta in the White House in January.

White House adviser John Podesta's comments come as new polls indicate that President Joe Biden is diminishing Trump's long-held lead in public opinion. Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

NEW YORK — A top White House climate official expressed confidence Tuesday that a landmark law to address rising temperatures would survive if President Joe Biden loses the November election.

Speaking on a panel at the BloombergNEF summit, climate adviser John Podesta said the Inflation Reduction Act had created a wave of new jobs and private investment that would make it difficult to repeal if former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, wins a second term in the fall.

Other climate measures might not be so lucky, he said, pointing to EPA’s new pollution rules on power plants, cars and heavy trucks as regulations that could be repealed if Trump wins.


“Is climate on the ballot? Yes, it is,” Podesta said. “But I don’t think actually the IRA is all that much at risk.”