Senate cuts recess short to pass foreign aid package

By Manuel Quiñones | 04/22/2024 06:10 AM EDT

The legislation includes new sanctions against Iranian oil sales but is silent on natural gas exports.

Chuck Schumer walks.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer arriving at a press conference at the Capitol last week. Francis Chung/POLITICO

The Senate will return to work Tuesday to debate a $95 billion national security spending package the House passed over the weekend.

In a remarkable turn of events, propelled by Iranian attacks on Israel on April 13, the House scrapped votes on energy efficiency bills and instead moved forward with foreign policy measures — including long-stalled aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

It was a move by Republican leaders designed to satisfy members eager to support Israel and punish Iran but also put Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) in further peril with restless GOP rebels adamant in their opposition to more money for Ukraine.


That opposition helped prevent quick passage in the Senate, where lawmakers will have to take initial procedural votes Tuesday to approve legislation that enjoys widespread support.