Stanford will examine oil industry-funded program

By Corbin Hiar | 05/01/2024 06:54 AM EDT

The inquiry comes after E&E News reported that a university program offered exclusive benefits to the fossil fuel industry.

Students walk on the Stanford University campus.

A Stanford University energy research program offered perks to the fossil fuel industry in exchange for funding. Ben Margot/AP

Stanford University plans to investigate a long-running energy research program that’s supported by some of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies.

The decision to examine the Energy Modeling Forum came in response to questions from E&E News about prepublication access to research that the program offered to an oil and gas lobbying group in 2017.

“With regard to the letter you referenced, it appears to be inconsistent with our policies regarding industrial affiliates programs and openness in research,” Stanford spokesperson Mara Vandlik said in an email. “We will be looking into this matter.”


The development comes after the 2023 resignation of Stanford’s president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, who stepped down following an independent review that found “significant flaws” in research papers he authored.