Takeaways from the big energy, environment spending bills

By Garrett Downs, Andres Picon, Michael Doyle | 06/28/2024 06:28 AM EDT

House Republicans released their fiscal 2025 Energy-Water and Interior-Environment bills Thursday.

Energy Department, Interior Department, EPA headquarters.

House appropriators released legislation Thursday to fund the the Energy and Interior departments, and EPA. Claudine Hellmuth/POLITICO (DOE and EPA); Pamela King/POLITICO (Interior)

House appropriators unveiled a pair of fiscal 2025 spending bills Thursday that would gut clean energy and climate initiatives while kneecapping EPA’s regulatory efforts.

The fiscal 2025 Interior-Environment and Energy-Water bills — set to be marked up in subcommittee Friday morning — make good on Republicans’ promises to try to rein the Biden administration’s green agenda.

And while they’re unlikely to become law, the measures offer a preview of GOP plans for energy and environment spending and policy should the party win control of Congress and the White House in November.


While the bills propose continued support for a number of programs with bipartisan support — wildland firefighting and nuclear energy would get funding boosts, for example — the measures would take an ax to programs that are core to Democrats and President Joe Biden’s environmental goals.