Three FERC nominees inch closer to confirmation

By Nico Portuondo | 06/03/2024 06:28 AM EDT

The Senate will also vote on Christopher Hanson to remain on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Judy Chang, David Rosner and Lindsay See.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nominees Judy Chang, David Rosner and Lindsay See testifying in March. Francis Chung/POLITICO

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee has scheduled a vote for three Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nominees this week. The vote comes as the agency is in danger of losing its voting quorum by month’s end.

While some lawmakers have raised concerns about the picks — Democrats David Rosner and Judy Chang and Republican Lindsay See — they have thus far avoided significant blowups that could derail President Joe Biden’s effort to fill FERC with a full complement of five commissioners.

Any further delay in proceedings could spell trouble for the agency and Biden’s clean energy goals. FERC could end up with just two commissioners if current member Allison Clements decides to leave when her term expires June 30.


The lack of a quorum would halt FERC’s ability to issue new policies or rules. Clements has not said whether she would stay on pending Senate action.