Trump energy adviser Mike McKenna exits

By Christa Marshall | 03/25/2020 07:25 AM EDT

Mike McKenna.

Mike McKenna. American Products American Power/Flickr

White House energy adviser Mike McKenna exited his job yesterday, according to a statement last night.

McKenna, who worked in legislative affairs, said his departure was due to a "complaint lodged against him."

The White House did not immediately respond to request for comment. McKenna said he resigned, leaving one month earlier than originally planned.


"Apparently, there was a complaint lodged against me. The nature of the complaint and the party who lodged the complaint remain unknown to me. I would point out that my direct superior was also unaware of the nature of the complaint," said McKenna in an emailed statement.

"I have been told that it refers to a statement or statements I may have made while on the grounds. While I question the veracity and motive of the underlying complaint, as well as the lack of due process, I remain, as I have been, loyal to the President, and I served at his pleasure," McKenna wrote.

"All that being said, I sincerely regret any offense that I may have given to anyone while working at the White House, and I wish the whole team the very best," McKenna added.

McKenna joined the White House last October to serve as deputy assistant to the president on energy and environmental issues (Energywire, Oct. 25, 2019).

He launched MWR Strategies 15 years ago to lobby for energy companies and the energy sector. In 2016, he also briefly led President Trump’s transition team for the Department of Energy.

The Washington Post first reported McKenna’s departure on Twitter. According to reporter Josh Dawsey, McKenna was "let go."

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