UK Labour will back ‘boiler tax,’ says party’s energy chief

By Nicholas Earl | 03/22/2024 07:11 AM EDT

Shadow Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said Labour will back the policy, which was scrapped by the government last week.

LONDON — The Labour Party will introduce a controversial “boiler tax” if it gets into power at the next election, the shadow energy secretary said Tuesday.

Ed Miliband, speaking at an event in London, said Labour would “support the Clean Heat Market Mechanism” in government, referring to a controversial scheme designed to increase the up-take of household heat pumps.

He said: “On the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, we’re going to have to deal with what we inherit from the government, which is obviously starting in 2025 because certainly the election will be after April.”


Government ministers announced last week that they were scrapping the policy, which had been set to start in less than a month, until 2025. Miliband said Labour will back the CHMM “very publicly, very clearly” if they win a general election, expected this fall.