Unicorns, mermaids and leprechauns: GOP mocks Biden agenda

By Kelsey Brugger | 04/24/2024 06:48 AM EDT

Senior House Oversight Republican Pat Fallon made light of President Joe Biden’s clean energy goals during a hearing Tuesday.

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas).

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) on Tuesday said the fossil fuel industry has been unfairly villainized. He said they "should be thanked." House Oversight and Accountability Committee/YouTube

House Oversight Republicans on Tuesday traveled to north Texas, where they both mocked and attacked President Joe Biden’s energy policies, with particular focus on oil production and the natural gas export permitting pause.

It was an all-Republican affair, with no Democrats making the trip to defend the administration’s actions.

Republicans claimed Biden regulations were spiking the price of eggs at the market and gasoline at the pump. Lawmakers also touched on the recent restriction of oil development on Alaska’s North Slope and the American Climate Corps.


The hearing of the Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy and Regulatory Affairs was the second time in just a few weeks that Republicans have traveled to Texas to defend the oil and gas industry.