Wanted: Someone, anyone to sell climate policies to UK voters

By Abby Wallace | 02/27/2024 06:30 AM EST

The government is on the hunt for “trusted messengers” to help promote the push to net zero.

LONDON — Rishi Sunak needs all the help he can get selling his green vision to the British public.

The U.K. prime minister reckons Britain can hit its headline climate goal — net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 — in a way which “brings people with us.” That’s easier said than done, as some European leaders have found at their peril.
as some European leaders have found

But contract documents reviewed by POLITICO show Sunak’s government is now on the hunt for the right messengers on hot-button issues from convincing homeowners to overhaul their heating systems to getting buy-in for more electricity pylons.


The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has tapped up a consumer insights firm to identify “trusted messengers” to carry Sunak’s green message to voters.