‘Wary’ pond turtles are now in the clamorous ESA arena

By Michael Doyle | 04/04/2024 01:19 PM EDT

The Fish and Wildlife Service has already received a lot of input on its proposal to list two species of turtles as threatened.

A western pond turtle from California.

A western pond turtle from California. Yathin S Krishnappa/Wikimedia

Fish and Wildlife Service proposals to protect two species of western pond turtles have spurred a lively debate that’s now going into extra innings.

More than 16,000 public comments have already been recorded in response to the federal agency’s dual proposals to list the northwestern pond turtle and southwestern pond turtle under the Endangered Species Act.

Citing the need for “having a robust public engagement process,” the Fish and Wildlife Service this week extended a public comment period until May 5.


There’s already been a lot of input.