What to watch at POLITICO’s Energy Summit

By Josh Siegel | 06/05/2024 01:05 PM EDT

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, White House climate adviser Ali Zaidi, Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel and FERC Chair Willie Phillips are among the speakers.

Jennifer Granholm speaks.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will speak at the POLITICO Energy Summit. Francis Chung/POLITICO

The U.S. is facing an energy crossroads in November, with voters set to give President Joe Biden four more years to finish his clean energy transition — or bring back former President Donald Trump to unleash oil and gas.

POLITICO’s Energy Summit today will examine the stakes of those divergent paths and examine how the Biden administration’s climate policies are rewriting the rules for the energy future — and the effect they are having on the United States’ growing role as one of the world’s top fossil fuel exporters.

Trump has blasted Democrats’ signature climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act, and called for rolling back the core electric vehicle and clean power policies that Biden says are driving a new manufacturing boom.


Biden’s push to transform the energy economy is spending a historic amount of federal money in a bid to shift the U.S. away from oil, gas and coal, whose pollution helped make last year the hottest in recorded history. But much of that money has yet to be spent, and polls show many voters are unaware of the landmark laws Biden has signed.