White House official lauds bipartisan carbon study bill

By Emma Dumain | 07/11/2024 07:00 AM EDT

A former Trump administration official said the Republican may also be open to the idea.

Bean Beachy.

White House adviser Ben Beachy on Wednesday. Bipartisan Policy Center

A White House official stopped just short Wednesday of endorsing legislation calling for a federal study of the carbon intensity of certain U.S. industrial products.

It sends a promising signal for the “Providing Reliable, Objective, Verifiable Emissions Intensity and Transparency (PROVE IT) Act” should Democrats make gains in the November elections.

“Solid emissions intensity data is the firm foundation that we need for securing climate and trade policy,” said Ben Beachy, a special assistant to President Joe Biden who focuses on the intersection of climate and industrial policies, at a the Bipartisan Policy Center event.


“Sponsors of the ‘PROVE IT Act,'” Beachy continued, “rightly recognize this and offer a thoughtful solution.”