White House seeks sit-down with rattled graphite producers

By Hannah Northey | 05/07/2024 01:16 PM EDT

Advocates for bolstering a domestic graphite industry want to talk to Biden administration officials about newly released rules for lucrative electric vehicle tax credits.

Recycled graphite attached to air bubbles and rising to the surface of the flotation cell at the graphite recycling system.

Recycled graphite is pictured in a laboratory of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology in Freiberg, Germany. Jens Schlueter/AFP via Getty Images

The White House has requested to meet with miners and graphite producers irked by new Biden administration regulations, according to an industry official.

Erik Olson, a spokesperson for the North American Graphite Alliance, said top Biden administration officials have asked to meet with a group of U.S. and Canadian graphite producers to talk about recently released rules tied to lucrative electric vehicle tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

The group represents U.S. and Canadian producers of battery-grade natural and synthetic graphite, a crucial component of current lithium-ion batteries.


Discussion will likely center around the administration’s decision to allow automakers to use Chinese graphite through 2026 while also requiring proof those companies are inking agreements to shore up graphite that doesn’t come from China. Seeing those agreements come to fruition and what they’ll ultimately look like is something graphite producers are interested in, Olson said.