About Climatewire — Policy. Science. Business.

Stay up to date on the climate policy debate and its effects on business, the environment and society.

Climatewire provides the leading coverage on climate change from state policies to federal regulations to international agreements, as well as how companies and markets are reacting to these decisions.

You can also read about the latest scientific findings, the politics surrounding climate science, and adaptation strategies as communities wrestle with a changing environment from the towns of North Dakota and the Alaska coast to the dwindling coal mines in Germany.

Climatewire benefits include:

  • 360-degree point-of-views to understand all sides of the climate debate
  • Best of both worlds — breaking news and in-depth features on climate change actions and reactions
  • Simple and accurate explanations of the complicated climate regulations, scientific findings and legal actions
  • Revealing the latest technology and innovations in clean energy

Key issues covered:

  • Federal agency programs, legislation, policies and funding
  • State program development and implementation
  • Clean Power Plan and climate regulations
  • Paris climate agreement
  • International agency activities
  • Carbon market development
  • Alternative energy research and deployment
  • Financial community investment decisions
  • Corporate/multi-national response to climate concerns
  • Latest science research and technology developments
  • Adaptation and the effects on water resources, species, ecosystems and agriculture
  • Trends and effects for traditional and non-traditional fossil fuel resources

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