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With more than 25 original stories every day, Greenwire provides what you need to know about the energy and environment landscape.

The publication covers the major regulations, legislation and court cases in play, and explains how the battle over energy policy and climate change is affecting investment trends, technology development, alternative fuels and carbon mitigation strategies.

Greenwire also offers unmatched coverage of the protection and development of natural resources, including energy production on public lands, water, endangered species and national parks.

Greenwire benefits include:

  • All of today's essential energy and environment news in one publication
  • Features that provide a deep-dive into an issue alongside short articles with immediate, need-to-know information
  • Understand key environmental lawsuits and court decisions
  • Accurate news that include the significant arguments and context that professionals need

Key issues covered include:

  • Federal agencies and regulations including EPA, Interior and DOE
  • Legal proceedings and judicial decisions
  • Climate change
  • Wind, solar, biofuels and other renewable energy
  • Fossil fuel resources and development
  • Clean Air Act regulation and litigation
  • Electric utility regulation
  • Technology
  • Endangered species
  • Public lands management
  • Water resources
  • Transportation and advanced vehicles

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