Airlines clash with EU over ads for low-carbon flights

By Tommaso Lecca | 05/10/2024 06:13 AM EDT

The European Commission has given 20 airlines a 30-day ultimatum to correct their claims.

BRUSSELS — Airlines are trying to lure climate-conscious passengers by advertising that offers guilt-free, low-carbon flights, but that’s run into objections from the European Commission.

“I think the airlines are being a little too cute here,” said Andrew Charlton, managing director of the Aviation Advocacy consultancy, noting that the green claims many carriers are making can be overblown.

Twenty airlines now under investigation by the commission for alleged greenwashing; Brussels launched the action on April 30, following a warning issued by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) in June. Airlines have 30 days to correct any misleading claims.


The clash has its roots in the climate policy that the EU is forcing on the aviation sector.