Embattled Senate Dem wants Biden to ban imported Chinese EVs

By Timothy Cama | 04/12/2024 06:29 AM EDT

Sherrod Brown is facing his toughest reelection campaign.

Sherrod Brown speaks with reporters at the Capitol in Washington.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is taking aim at Chinese-made electric vehicles. J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is calling on President Joe Biden to ban all Chinese-made electric vehicles from being imported into the United States.

Brown, one of the most vulnerable senators in this year’s elections, warned in a Thursday letter to Biden that Chinese EVs — which get significant subsidies from the Chinese government and are sold at much lower prices than U.S. vehicles in countries where they’re available — threaten the auto industry, American workers, Americans’ personal data and more.

“The automotive sector is undergoing rapid, dramatic changes. As these market- and technology-driven changes arise, it is imperative that American companies innovate and lead in the technologies of the future,” Brown wrote.


“American companies cannot compete against Chinese companies that are heavily subsidized,” he said, adding that a ban is necessary “to protect Ohio autoworkers, and to combat the economic and national security threats posed by Chinese automakers.”