FERC commissioner fires back at House GOP on transmission rule

By Kelsey Brugger | 03/26/2024 04:08 PM EDT

Four New York Republicans had urged the nation’s energy regulator for a “strong final rule” on transmission. But a GOP commissioner raised concerns about shifting costs on to states without explicit consent.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Mark Christie arrives for FERC'S monthly meeting in Washington, D.C.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Mark Christie in October 2022. He castigated GOP lawmakers from New York on an upcoming transmission rule. Francis Chung/POLITICO

This story was updated at 4:30 p.m. EDT.

The lone Republican on the nation’s top energy regulator pushed back against four New York Republicans who had urged the commission to quickly finalize a pending proposal that could generate huge amounts of renewable power.

Mark Christie, who serves on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, told the House Republicans in a letter last week it would be “grossly unfair” for FERC to “force consumers” in other states to pay for wind, solar and other renewable projects that their locally elected leaders never got the chance to vote for.


“While I absolutely support the people of New York or any other state in their right to choose any energy policies they want regarding preferred power resources, it would be wrong both as a matter of policy, as well as law, for FERC to use a transmission planning rule to force the costs, for example, of New Jersey’s policy-driven offshore wind projects onto consumers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or other states without the explicit consent of those states,” he wrote.