Florida lawmakers force home sellers to disclose floods — sometimes

By Thomas Frank | 03/06/2024 06:22 AM EST

The measure was adopted unanimously after the removal of two key provisions.

Waterlogged cars are abandoned on flooded roads.

A move by Florida lawmakers to make home sellers reveal past flood damage accelerates a national trend toward disaster disclosure. Rebecca Blackwell/AP

It was an ambitious plan to warn homebuyers about flooding in one of the most flood-prone states.

But a landmark measure that would require Florida home sellers to disclose their property’s flood risk for the first time was weakened by state lawmakers before it was approved Monday.

The scaled-down bill before Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) illustrates the difficulty states face in trying to alert the public about climate impacts through policies that could decrease property values.


Only nine states have strong requirements on home sellers to disclose flood information to potential buyers, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.