Industry to EPA: Think about us on science policy update

By Kevin Bogardus, Sean Reilly | 04/02/2024 01:27 PM EDT

The guidelines could be key to cementing President Joe Biden’s push to protect federal research from political interference.

EPA scientific integrity official Francesca Grifo.

EPA scientific integrity official Francesca Grifo said, “Obviously, the decisions that we make have an impact.” Harvard University Program on Science, Technology and Society/Flickr

Industry groups are pressuring EPA to consider their views as the agency wraps up a long-anticipated update to its scientific integrity policy.

The guidelines — which have taken on higher significance given they could cement President Joe Biden’s legacy of protecting the agency’s research while shielding its scientists from political interference by a potential second Trump administration — are expected to be finalized later this year.

Francesca Grifo, EPA’s scientific integrity official, said in an interview with E&E News she wasn’t surprised the agency was peppered with comments from various sectors about the update. The policy, which guides how the agency conducts its science, could have widespread repercussions on the regulated community.


“When you’re a regulatory agency, we need to hear from all sides,” Grifo said. “Obviously, the decisions that we make have an impact.”