‘Leaving nothing to chance’: Biden, allies seek to hobble RFK Jr.

By Elena Schneider | 04/18/2024 12:27 PM EDT

Members of the Kennedy clan will throw their support behind the president.

Kennedy family endorses Biden for president

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. consistently polls in the high single digits in national surveys, as he siphons off support from both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Emily Elconin/Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s campaign and Democratic allies, anxiously eyeing third-party threats, are mounting an aggressive effort to neutralize Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Democratic National Committee has built out a first-of-its-kind unit, hiring staffers specifically dedicated to disabling Kennedy and other third-party candidates. They’ve filed Federal Elections Commission complaints against Kennedy and his allies, while accusing him of being funded by Republican megadonors. Democratic outside groups are also working to dig up dirt on Kennedy and his newly named running mate, Nicole Shanahan, a wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist.

In the Biden’s campaign’s latest move, members of the extended Kennedy clan will endorse Biden over Kennedy at a campaign event in Philadelphia on Thursday. So far, the Kennedys have largely shunned their family member, with his sister Kerry Kennedy calling his campaign “dangerous.”


But the formal endorsement, which will feature more than a dozen Kennedy family members, takes that pushback a step further.