Startup promises to build carbon removal ‘orchard’

By Corbin Hiar | 03/19/2024 07:00 AM EDT

Spiritus says the facility would be in central Wyoming but declined to share other details about its plan.

A startup with Silicon Valley funding outlined its intention Tuesday to build one of the world’s largest direct air capture facilities in central Wyoming.

The project dubbed “Orchard One” would eventually pull 2 million tons of climate pollution from the air annually using carbon-absorbing material resembling dimpled softballs.

“We are on pace for delivering carbon removal in 2026,” Spiritus CEO Charles Cadieu told E&E News in an interview last week.


Spiritus unveiled the contours of its project after federal and state governments moved to catalyze the development of direct air capture technologies, which generally use a combination of absorptive materials, heat, piping and fans to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and lock it away in rock formations or in long-lasting products like concrete.