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Energy boom shapes Texas' lone competitive House race

PECOS, Texas -- Fueled by the oil and gas boom, this town of 9,000 is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. On the outskirts of Pecos, the seat of Reeves County and the energy-producing hub of the 23rd District, oil and gas rigs operate around the clock, lending the air a strong chemical odor. Main Street is lined with new hotels, banks and a Wal-Mart store. But not everyone is thrilled with the rapid pace of development. It is here, and in towns throughout a sprawling West Texas district, where freshman Rep. Pete Gallego (D) will try to fend off a Republican challenger in the state's only competitive House race.


'Major investment cycle' and rapidly changing U.S. energy markets pose fresh challenges for FERC -- Chairman LaFleur

Prudent. That word might best describe Cheryl LaFleur's approach to her job -- and answering questions about it -- as chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. While nursing coffee from her "lucky" mug with the inscription "sleep is for the weak," LaFleur recently sat down in her office with EnergyWire to discuss some of the challenges facing the five-person commission.

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