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White House axes efficiency from state clean power targets

U.S. EPA's final Clean Power Plan will no longer base state targets, in part, on estimates about how much they could boost energy efficiency, an administration official said. President Obama on Monday will release the final rule for existing-power-plant carbon emissions that does not include the draft version's "building block 4," the official said, reconfiguring the way states are assigned emissions reduction responsibilities.


A 'startup nation' takes on securing U.S. grid

TEL AVIV -- Ilan Barda knows how to protect the electric grid from cyberattacks, but he doesn't understand the rules of baseball. America's favorite pastime may not seem to matter for Barda, whose office in Israel's high-tech capital is strewn with cords and hardware rather than sports paraphernalia. But the CEO of cybersecurity startup RadiFlow says he could use a baseball lesson or two as he pursues the U.S. market for industrial cybersecurity.


Capito follows father's footsteps in an understated way

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) was not even born when her father, legendary Mountain State politician Arch Moore, won a seat in the state House of Delegates in 1952. She was only a little girl when he won a seat to Congress in 1956 and a teenager when he became governor in 1969. Earlier this year, Moore died at the age of 91, just one day after his daughter became West Virginia's first female U.S. senator -- and one of its most powerful politicians.

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