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Stakes high for agencies as justices weigh key rulemaking tool

When the Supreme Court returns this week, its docket will be missing the high-profile environmental cases that dominated last term. There are no challenges to President Obama's greenhouse gas program for addressing climate change, nor is there anything on U.S. EPA's effort to clamp down on air pollution that drifts across state lines. But what it lacks in traditional environmental litigation it makes up for with personality and cases that -- while not directly environmental -- could set important precedents for EPA and other agencies. And the court could still grant a multistate challenge to a major EPA air rule for later this term.


Talking point for U.S. ivory crackdown -- compelling but incorrect

A talking point is like an elephant. It tramples everything, and it's almost impossible to stop. Consider this ubiquitous assertion in the Obama administration's crackdown on illegal ivory trading: "The United States is the world's second largest ivory market." Members of Congress, conservationists and the Fish and Wildlife Service have leaned heavily on that statement to emphasize why legal loopholes must be closed to stop the smuggling of illegal ivory in legal antiques and hunting trophies. But the talking point is wrong.


Hong Kong 'steps up' to CO2 cuts with no politics, few complaints

Typhoon Kalmaegi, a swirling mass of moisture and 98-mph winds, closed schools, businesses and the stock exchange in Hong Kong two weeks ago. Typhoons are the city's primary environmental threat, according to Wong Kam-sing, Hong Kong's secretary for the environment. Appointed in July 2012, Wong has overseen impressive gains in energy efficiency and emission reductions.

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