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EPA urges ports to voluntarily cut emissions

U.S. EPA, under pressure to more aggressively confront port-related diesel pollution, is urging expansion of voluntary measures that the agency says have already proved effective. While existing regulations have cut emissions from new vehicles and other equipment, "the large number and high activity levels of older fleets at port facilities warrant further action," the agency said in a report released yesterday.


Has a decade of Golden State climate diplomacy made a difference?

GUADALAJARA, Mexico ā€” The Brazilians are frustrated. They've just learned that California, yet again, has delayed making a decision on whether to allow its businesses to fund greenhouse gas reduction efforts in other countries. Many experts believe accepting international offsets is the most direct route to a goal that has long eluded climate policymakers: reducing deforestation in developing countries. But after six years of study, California has still not decided whether to recognize international forestry offsets, under which businesses would pay governments, landowners and indigenous groups to restore forests or keep them intact.


At V.C. Summer, a portrait of an industry in transition

JENKINSVILLE, S.C. ā€” Scana Corp.'s nuclear expansion project is taking place largely out of the national spotlight compared with its Georgia neighbor, Southern Co. But when the twin 1,117-megawatt reactors start producing electricity, they will have an arguably bigger impact for their owner, South Carolina Electric & Gas.


Trump's message resonating with energy industry voters

PITTSBURGH ā€” Donald Trump yesterday pledged a broad regulatory rollback and new opportunities for natural resource production from federal lands and waters in a talk that echoed themes raised by some industry stakeholders but left others questioning how different a Trump administration might look from a Hillary Clinton administration.


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