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Trump's sister likes EPA better than he does

Environmentalists are mobilizing against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has suggested scrapping U.S. EPA and ridiculed the notion of man-made global warming. But his big sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has a track record of cracking down on pollution and siding with federal agencies.


How women are reaping benefits from Africa's solar revolution

For girls in Berta Massawe's Tanzanian village of Kibosho, every day was a race against the clock -- or, more accurately, against the sun. When it was dark in this village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, it was dark. There were no streetlights or headlights to break up the night. Work and study were impossible except by candle or kerosene lamp -- when they were available. Boys like Massawe's two brothers had chores to do, too, but they usually involved moving their families' goats and cows from one pasture to the next and feeding them. They were finished before the sun went down and had more hours to study. Ritha Tarimo, director of M-Power Academy in Arusha, Tanzania, said it's a common story.


N.Y. overhaul means new models for chasing utility profits

NEW YORK -- Last month, six of the state's utility CEOs met on the west side of Manhattan to discuss the future of their business. What did they see? They pictured the state of New York with less CO2, more renewable power and more distributed generation. They contemplated a grid where they continue to build and run the wires, but they make money in novel and disruptive ways. They showed off the pilot projects that, they think, can be models of the new electricity era. Utilities have thrown their support behind Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to revolutionize the state's power grid, a plan known as Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV. But they don't yet know the answer to this question: Is there any money in it for them? Cuomo and state regulators think so.


Trump preaches energy wealth to the industry choir

BISMARCK, N.D. -- Donald Trump stopped in this hardscrabble Midwestern town yesterday to pitch his vision for an American future -- one in which fossil fuel production explodes across public lands and Americans "share the riches." The end result: lower taxes, and a rush of new funding for infrastructure and entitlement programs.


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