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Despite more favorable conditions, CAA reform in 114th Congress deemed a long shot

With Republicans taking control of Congress for the first time since 2007, many of the ingredients for wide-scale reform of the Clean Air Act are in place. But even in the more amenable environment of the 114th Congress, those in favor of Clean Air Act reform acknowledge it would be an uphill slog to get something through to the president's desk.


NOAA gets pulled into battle over captive orca

If you've seen "Blackfish," you know Lolita. The 50-year-old killer whale isn't named in the film. But she is the last captive survivor of a brutal roundup of young orcas near Washington's Puget Sound that is featured in the influential documentary. Lolita now lives in the Miami Seaquarium, spending her days performing and living in a tank much smaller than those at SeaWorld parks. Animal rights activists have protested her captivity for years -- and they're hoping an upcoming decision from the National Marine Fisheries Service will add fuel to their fire.

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