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Europe struggles to meet CO2 targets, deal with Russian pressure and unify its electricity grid

The European Union wants to revamp its energy policy to boost spending on renewables and assorted efficiency measures. Commentators say the long list of policy changes announced by the European Commission on Wednesday is a reaction to the Russian menace in the East, as well as pending E.U. climate commitments due later this year in Paris.


Northeast fisheries chief's credo: 'Take the heat. ... Move on'

John Bullard is the face of the National Marine Fisheries Service in the Northeast -- and of its hot-button oversight of cod. The former mayor of New Bedford, Mass., says he doesn't sweat being unpopular if that will help save the region's historic cod fishery for the long haul. "This is what I signed up for," he said. "Difficult decisions have to be made. I don't want them to be faceless, anonymous or impersonal. I want everyone to know there is a real human being with a history they are very familiar with who is responsible."

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