EPA aligns civil and criminal enforcement programs

By Kevin Bogardus | 04/23/2024 04:17 PM EDT

The agency has issued a new policy to improve collaboration when enforcing environmental laws.

David Uhlmann.

EPA enforcement head David Uhlmann. Francis Chung/POLITICO | Francis Chung/E&E News

EPA has bolstered ties between its enforcement programs that uphold the nation’s environmental laws as the agency cracks down on polluters.

The agency announced Tuesday a new policy to boost coordination between its civil and criminal enforcement programs. The new effort comes as the Biden administration builds up EPA’s role as the cop on the environmental beat, which has included more funding and staff as well as an expanded scope to chase down violators.

“A fair and robust enforcement program requires strong alignment between EPA’s civil and criminal enforcement programs to hold polluters accountable, deter violations, and protect communities,” said David Uhlmann, who leads EPA’s enforcement office, in a statement.


He added, “With an integrated enforcement program, defined by a dynamic and strategic partnership between civil and criminal enforcement, EPA will be better able to address 21st century environmental problems and deliver on the promise of our nation’s environmental laws.”