About E&E Daily — Congress. Legislation. Politics.

Keep on top of the latest legislation and congressional activity while gaining insight into the political context of energy and environmental policy.

Reporting on the nexus between the executive branch and Congress is an essential part of E&E Daily. Our comprehensive coverage includes profiles and one-on-one interviews with key lawmakers and their staff, input from advocates trying to shape legislation, and updates that make sure you don't miss a beat on Capitol Hill.

At the beginning of each week Congress is in session, E&E Daily previews the upcoming action of the week, from floor votes to committee markups to negotiations. We follow this with detailed coverage explaining what it all means for its supporters and critics.

E&E Daily benefits include:

  • Savvy coverage of congressional leaders and how energy and environmental policy fits into their broader strategy
  • Easy-to-read explanations of what's in appropriations and other bills and the political dynamics driving them
  • Our exclusive calendar that will make sure you stay on top of committee action
  • Insight into key political races - particularly where energy and environmental issues are prominent

Key issues covered:

  • Energy and environment legislation including fossil fuels, climate, renewables, public lands, natural resources, water pollution, air pollution, science, technology, transportation, infrastructure, tax policy and agriculture.
  • Committee hearings, markups and votes
  • Behind-the-scenes negotiations and lobbying
  • Budget and appropriations
  • Floor debate and vote counts
  • White House policy and Congressional interaction
  • State elections and debates
  • Hiring, resignations and new job updates on key staff

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