Mud pots formed by subterranean minerals and steam grow near the shore of California's Salton Sea. In the background is the EnergySource geothermal plant,  a competitor to Controlled Thermal Resources, which struck a partnership last week with General Motors Co. to produce lithium for car batteries.

EV deal shows ‘Lithium Valley’ could be for real

By David Ferris | 07/07/2021 06:02 AM EST

An Exxon gas station in Fairfax County, Va.

New Exxon sting video reveals more energy lobbying tactics

By Mike Lee, Timothy Cama | 07/02/2021 06:16 AM EST

Efforts to create a regional transmission organization for the U.S. West have gained momentum, though the path forward remains uncertain.

Western U.S. grid plan could remake renewables

By Edward Klump | 07/02/2021 06:16 AM EST

   Officials in New York are building three major transmission projects that could unlock renewable energy from the state's upstate region and help the state meet its climate goals. Some in the state say the recent developments there also offer a model for addressing transmission and clean energy bottlenecks nationwide.

N.Y. transmission overhaul: Model or warning for Biden?

By Miranda Willson | 06/29/2021 06:23 AM EST

Severe heat and drought afflicting the western United States underscore long-term challenges for the electric grid, experts say.

Severe heat, drought pack dual threat to power plants

By Hannah Northey, Peter Behr | 06/28/2021 06:08 AM EST

Bitcoin mining is a power-intensive process that causes greenhouse gas emissions when "miners" rely on electricity from fossil fuel power plants. Proponents of the digital currency say it could help spur renewable energy development.

Bitcoin is changing U.S. coal, renewables

By David Iaconangelo | 06/24/2021 06:29 AM EST